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Direct mail tips for small retailers

For small retail businesses that are new to an area, marketing and research may be their only weapon. For that reason, local search marketing is critical – be it through Google or the Yellow Pages.

Especially for businesses that are seeking local customers, direct mail can help spread brand exposure while also – by virtue of location – place the company ahead of rivals.

But because direct mail is likely more expensive than an email or social media campaign, it is important to be as efficient as possible.

To that regard, retailers should offer customers discounts or special offers in exchange for filling out a short questionnaire or survey about their preferences and buying habits. Such research can also be done via phone, the web or direct mail itself.

From there, businesses can narrow down their prospects and where they are most likely to find new customers.

"Once you have mastered the dynamics of placing organic information, go back and revisit the fundamentals of sales and marketing," writes Bob Martel for the MetroWest Daily News. "Keep personalized direct mail in your mix. Even Gen X/Y’ers like getting well-written mail."

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