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Direct mail remains effective with efficient mailing lists

Thomson Local reported that direct mail campaigns can acquire new customers and reach new audiences with an effective design and business mailing list.

Stefan Drew, marketing consultant and founder of Stefan Drew Associates, told the news source that direct mail campaigns can fail if consumers are not targeted properly.

"It needs to be sent to people who have actually shown an interest in what you do," said Drew. Segmenting mailing lists to create specific designs for groups can lead to more customers with a higher potential of purchasing.

Creating the proper marketing message for each segmenting group is vital to a campaign's success as well. The Irish Times reported that new legislation makes it legal for marketers to send an unsolicited email to a consumer if his or her email address is mainly used for commercial activity, and the email's subject identifies the message's commercial activity.

The legislation explains that direct marketing messages to individuals can occur only if the product or service is similar to the customer's original purchase, and there must be an opt-out option.

Deirdre Kilroy, head of intellectual property and technology at LK Shields law firm, said the new legislation clears up some gray areas in previous laws.

"Marketers really struggled with the concept of not being able to contact people who were clearly putting themselves out there," Kilroy said. 

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