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Direct Mail Marketing – Is your Direct Mail Stale?

We’d all like an ROI that’s 10 times greater, but if you’re still operating your direct mail campaigns in the dark ages of doing generic batches and blasts, well let’s face it, you’re losing money.

“Response rates for relevant mailers are typically two to four times higher than they are for non-relevant mailers.” And when customized direct mail is combined with interactive elements such as personal URLs (PURLs)… response rates can climb to 10 times that of batch-blast mailers.”1

So we’ve provided you with some idea-generating resources to help bring you into present time.

Yesterday I got three pieces of direct mail. Two were generic – addressed to current resident. I couldn’t even tell you what those said or who they were from. The third piece had my name and a special offer only for residents in my area. At least I read that one. Now, if someone had invited me to a PURL I’m sure I would have gone. Now, what are you waiting for?

Next Day Flyers: We sell a variety of printed products that can be used for your up-to-date direct mail campaigns – from postcards to flyers and brochures.


  1. The New Direct Mail: Five Tips to Turn Print Campaigns Into Gold
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