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Direct mail marketing to company executives

Reaching top executives for business-to-business sales can be a difficult task, as their team of assistants usually serve as the filter through which few marketing, sales or promotional materials are able to pass.

However, a company's top brass are the most important figures to reach for business-to-business marekting, and direct mail may be the only way to do it.

When developing a direct mail strategy, make sure the materials you use personally address the targeted executive. Ultimately, you are trying to tap into the emotional or fiscal concerns of his or her company, showing that your business' products and services are a strong investment.

"Play up the commonalities both people share, the business and professional challenges they face that only someone in their position truly understands," writes Ernest Nicastro for "For example, one organization had success with a simple peer-to-peer letter bearing its CEO's name, personal telephone number and a brief description of what the company offers."

Also, to get past the filtration system of executive assistants, you will need to package the materials in a unique manner. Boxes, bulky envelopes and handwritten letters are a few examples of mail items that assistants would be hard pressed to throw away.

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