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Direct mail marketing tips for small retailers

While print campaigns are not always the cheapest option for your marketing budget, for small retailers they offer an unrivalled level of exposure to their most important demographic: the community.

Without business from a retailer's more immediate surroundings, a business stands no chance of expanding. So to get the word out, there are a few options small retailers have to maximize their marketing exposure.

First, direct mail services can help maximize your return on investment, while utilizing a trove of contacts and resources administered by the hired company itself.

Second, you need to offer some sort of deal, rebate or sale in your marketing materials. No matter how stellar your company's products and services, the beginning stages of development require that you provide incentives for consumers to walk through your door.

Additionally, make sure that the offers are deals that you can stick to. There's nothing worse for public relations than shorting customers on an offer, especially when the store is just getting started.

And most importantly, writes Greg Sands for Tire Review, "Don’t give up. Direct mail takes time. If you do it one month and then take a break, you’ll never build momentum. You need to decide to make this a permanent part of your marketing efforts."

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