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Direct Mail Costs Dropping

A recent report from Digital Nirvana said direct mail costs have dropped 17 percent over the last 10 years due to savings in data processing, personalization and mail shop fees. According to the report, technology has increased savings for marketers using direct mail, while enabling personalized, targeted and more effective campaigns.

In a different post, Digital Nirvana discussed how direct marketing and direct mail have adapted to changing media dynamics. Researched and collected data are being used to create personal messages, marketing campaigns are reaching consumers more successfully through numerous communication channels and marketing initiatives are working to engage the consumer and interact with them, not just provide customers with information.

In response to the call for more personalized marketing messages, companies are using both quantitative and qualitative data to produce engaging messages that cater to consumers' preferences, purchase history and needs, the blog reported. Consumer patience for marketing and advertising has shrunk considerably, so marketers are creating short messages with appropriate information to pique the curiosity of consumers without taking up too much of their time.

In addition, knowing how much a consumer has spent on items in the past can help companies gauge future purchases and guide business decisions such as future campaign messages and when to offer sales and promotions. Marketers that track consumer behavior are more likely to successfully engage them, acquire helpful feedback and encourage increased purchases in the future.  

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