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Direct Mail Campaigns Still Growing

According to Medill Reports, direct-mail advertising has increased this past year despite three previous years of decline.

The New-York-based marketing consulting firm Winterberry Group LLC, saw direct-mail advertising sales rise 3.1 percent last year, and they predict a 5.8 percent increase for 2011. The group found that the poor economy caused companies to cut back in marketing and transition to digital media and email campaigns.

But Hebert Rivero, owner of Minuteman Press, told Medill Reports that commercial postcard printing and newsletters have experienced the biggest upswing in the past year. He found his consumers wanted a higher-quality paper for their campaigns as well, to add something extra to set their advertisements apart.

Rivero believes that the email campaigns come on to consumers too strong, and people just delete them before opening them. Postcards add a personal touch and do not bombard consumers daily.

Realty Postcard, for example, just launched its website for Realtors which provides them with a way to print direct mailing materials to reach customers. The company chose a practical design to the site complete with hundreds of designs specific to the real estate market, and a neighborhood mapping tool.  

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