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Direct Mail Best Practices

Direct mail can produce a 100 percent participation rate from consumers as the marketing items capture the recipient's attention, get them to process the message and hopefully initiate a call to action. By keeping certain tricks in mind, marketers can increase brand visibility and overall return on investment.

Business 2 Community recently identified tactics used by successful direct mail marketers including knowing the target audience and and keeping the message clear and concise. Marketers must know before starting to develop a campaign what the characteristics are of the target audience. Knowing the consumers' preferences and needs will help marketing teams determine what messages should be sent to them and at what frequency. The most specific the marketing message and material can be, the more responsive the consumer will be to the message and brand.

Once the audience has been identified, marketers must develop a creative, yet concise, message to engage the consumer. It is important that marketers avoid becoming too wordy in their messages. Each sentence should have a purpose, letting the consumer know the importance of the product or service and how they can benefit from that information. 

Some companies can get very creative with the layout of their marketing materials. According to the news source a home security company created a direct mail item that illustrated to the consumer that their home or condominium was far from safe by slipping the item under the door and letting it expand into a box on the other side. Simple tricks that grab the eye of the consumer will help ensure they remember the item and the company. 

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  1. Great informaiton on marketing. TeamConnect specializes in the Dr Phillips real estate market and it’s here we help buyers and sellers with all their real estate goals. This past year I have been keeping our message clean, neat and to the point and found this is what our buyers and sellers are looking for.

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