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Direct Mail Appeals To Consumer Brains

Although digital marketing has taken the business world by storm, direct marketing campaigns refuse to be ignored. A study from Millward Brown global research agency found direct marketing advertisements caused more emotional processing in consumers studied.

The report found tangible materials leave a stronger impression in the brain, suggesting that physical materials are perceived as more real to the brain than electronic messages. These materials connect better to memory because they engage with the brain's spatial memory networks. The brain responses connected with internal feelings after interacting with the materials, which suggests a greater internalization of ads that are encountered on a physical level.

In addition, the default network of the brain was more active when viewing direct mail, which indicates the brain is focused on the material and has created an internal emotional response to the outside stimuli. When individuals are experiencing physical ads they are relating the information to their own thoughts and feelings.

Neuroscience Marketing suggested marketers use heavier or textured materials to emphasize the tangibility of the marketing item, and craft a message with an humanistic focus to take advantage of the emotional engagement with the tangible media. There should also be an association with a brand image combined with the message so make a memory in the consumer's brain.  

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