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Direct mail advice for the modern print marketer

Direct mail is becoming a more controversial marketing technique, particularly as marketers avert their attention to more novel mediums, such as email and social media. However, as with any other trend, there will always be a niche appeal.

However, deciding on how to approach a direct mail campaign is the tricky part. Where marketers once indiscriminately barraged the mail system with marketing materials, now there must be a more calculated and isolated approach. Not only will consumers appreciate more personal correspondence, it will also cut down on print costs if marketing materials are strategically targeted at certain individuals and demographics.

Marketers should also tap into the right side of their brains to get the creative juices flowing. People do notice unique strategies, products and even advertisements. The modern consumer is bogged down each day with thousands of marketing ploys, so the ability to overlook the dull ones has become pretty easy.

“Do not use generic reply addresses that don’t reference your brand name or logo, particularly in business-to-business mailings,” advises Jennifer A. Redmond in Inc. magazine. “Envelopes with generic return addresses marked ‘personal and confidential’ or ‘urgent’ will not be as effective as they once were. Make customers feel comfortable – their perception is critical.”

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