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Digital Age Marketing – Getting Started with Bing SEO

As you probably know, Bing now powers Yahoo search, too. According to John Pring on Six Revisions, roughly 30% of the search market is now going to Bing. So, if you’ve been ignoring this little slice of potential business now might be the right time to get started. Here are some key takeaways from Pring’s posts and Bing’s own resources:

Use Bingle

This tool allows you to compare keyword/phrase search results in different search engines.

Resource: Bing Blogs

Here’s a Bing Blog link for Search Engine Optimization for Bing.

Bing ToolBox

Use the Bing™ Webmaster tools to improve your site’s SEO and to get data on which pages of your site have been indexed, backlinks, inbound links and keyword performance.

Some differences between Bing and Google:

  • Backlinks are less important
  • Bing is more flash content friendly
  • Inbound anchor text matters more

According to Pring: A factor common to both major search engines, anchor text (the text inside the <a> tags; i.e., <a>This is the anchor text</a>) from quality sources seems to be a large factor with Bing; more so than with Google. A strange phenomenon here seems to be that Bing puts more emphasis on anchor text links that have the linking phrase in the title of the page.

Microsoft SEO Toolkit

This “Internet Information Services SEO Toolkit” is designed to help you improve your site from an SEO point of view – and we can probably assume improve your Bing ranking.

Adwords on Bing

If you want to get started with Bing search advertising begin here.

We know over time that search engines have come and gone so I believe a note of caution is warranted here  – it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Google, Bing, or other, it’s never a good idea to have all your business traffic being driven by one aspect of one source because it that goes away or the rules change drastically, your business goes away.

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