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Developing a Message Concept for a Postcard Campaign

Postcards are one of the more popular items used in print marketing campaigns. This is because they offer an equally visual and textual appeal, allowing businesses to utilize a great deal of creativity in the design and layout of the postcards.

But developing the card is one thing. You need to include a clear message that is somewhat concise so as to fit on the postcard itself. Considerations such as length of the message may even inform you about its proper tone.

For example, businesses can take a "reference approach," which is essentially a more formal and explanatory strategy, with the intent being to satisfy the interests and curiosity of certain market segments and prospects.

Bose Mall, a marketing executive from Minnesota, also points to the so-called "bandwagon approach."

"This basically involves telling people that the rest of the world is already buying and using your products or services," Mall writes. "Since everybody else seems to be doing it, then people will think they can do it as well through your postcard marketing."

Of course, there are many other approaches that businesses can take in developing a postcard campaign, but it is important to let design and channel influence how a message is conveyed.

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