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Develop Honest and Trustworthy Marketing Guidelines

Honest businesses believe in their promotional strategies because they know they offer the public a quality product or service. Unfortunately, a number of businesses have, in the past, spoiled the good name of marketing by implementing unethical or dishonest practices.

Accordingly, both small and large businesses need to promote trust in their campaigns by telling the truth and embracing transparency. At the end of the day, if a business can accomplish such a task, they will stand well above their competitors.

The trouble is that most business owners may not recognize the point when their ethical considerations become a little shady, so it's likely a good idea to set a few standards for owners and employees to live by.

For example, marketing expert Janet Kyle Altman suggests firms treat their copywriting and blog posts with journalistic integrity.

"If the ideas come from an expert, and a writer builds an article, blog post, newsletter or seminar content from those ideas, it's the expert's work," she writes in Bloomberg Businessweek.

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