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Designing and pitching print advertisements for startup companies

As a new startup gets its feet off the ground, they are going to need make headway on the advertising and marketing front. One of the first places companies look to launch their advertising is in community newsletters or other print publications.

If this is where your company plans to start, you will need to design an ad. While drafting a spot yourself may be a less expensive option, the expertise of a freelance graphic designer or copywriter can give your ad the professional appeal it deserves and requires.

"Keeping in mind your audience, write several headlines until you come up with a particularly compelling one," suggests Ryan Underwood in Inc. magazine. "Test headlines on your friends and colleagues. Beware of overused words (although 'free' is an oldie but goodie) and any humor that your audience could construe as offensive."

Once you have your ad for placement, consider publications with remnant space – that is, extra pages or editorial blocks that are sold at cheaper prices to advertisers. And if you find the perfect fit for your advertisement, bear in mind that a long term arrangement with the publication can justify a price rebate.

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