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Design, Content, Copywriting

When developing a print marketing strategy – be it a direct mail postcard, newsletter or brochure – design, content and copywriting are likely the three most important concerns on business owners' minds.

All three of these disciplines need to work together to create a cohesive message that is visually engaging, relevant and professional – and do so in that order.

However, all three of these considerations can be thrown off if the overall message does not take in to consideration the emotional aspects of an audience.

"Many small business marketers focus their efforts on winning the mind only – they attempt to persuade the audience on a purely intellectual level," writes Walter Daily for Fox Small Business Center. "You must, however, be aware that the heart [emotions/feelings] makes far many more decisions than the mind."

One way to do this is to appeal to the value system of consumers – address a common social or cultural concern and focus on how your product or service relates to it. Does is it address an environmental problem? Can it resolve a technological issue? How does it make one's life easier?

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