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Design Consistency Evokes Professionalism

Striking a balance between print and digital worlds can be a challenge. Online marketing channels tend to be so fresh and new that small businesses devote an entirely different approach to the medium.

While one does not want to have print content that is identical to their social media or email materials, a certain theme or consistency is ideal. For example, business slogans or catch phrases should be plastered across every channel in which you are engaged. However, a specific message, design or interactive feature should not be the same across and medium – that only serves to waste your capital and your customers' time.

Design is perhaps equally important for maintaining consistency, as it provides your brand with an image, style and degree of professionalism.

"Your offline marketing should match with your website, and other online marketing," writes Rene LeMerle for the blog I Need Hits. "This can apply to colour schemes, logos, fonts on headings etc. Matching these up will keep your brand consistent, and make it easier for customers to recognize your business."

Accordingly, it pays to employ a versatile graphic designer who understands programming well enough to apply themes and styles to both the web and print.

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