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Cutting Edge Marketing: Using Custom DVDs and CDs

Creating a stand-out brand experience for your company is getting harder. The competition is worldwide and at the click of a mouse, potential customers can compare benefits, prices, and find out what kind of experience previous customers have had. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This means it’s more important than ever to go that extra distance in your marketing. So, to create unique marketing tools to distribute to your clientele, here are some ideas for using custom CDs and DVDs.

Trade Shows

Consider promoting your product, service, or company and build brand awareness by distributing custom DVD/CD cases with covers and booklets that include your logo and contact information. You could also spread your message by including part of your mission statement or company philosophy.  


If you do presentations on a regular basis as part of your business, consider developing your own personalized CDs, which could certainly give your presentation that professional, finishing touch. When you’re finished with your presentation, leave your potential clients a CD of information with a branded custom cover that will keep your name at the top of their mind.   

Graphic Designers

Create a CD or DVD highlighting some of your top designs – a portable digital gallery. Then create your CD or DVD covers with your logo and some amazing original artwork. Hand these out as a stand out extension of your business card. 

Photographers/Wedding Videos

Photo albums are great for showing your talent, but a CD/DVD can give you more flexibility in presentation and is easier, faster, and more cost effective in order to keep your content up to date. Photo CDs and wedding videos that you give to your clients and potential clients should all have inserts that include your contact information.  


Sure, anyone can go online and search for houses that are for sale. Yet, what if you handed potential clients a DVD with house tours of houses that fit that buyers criteria? Or, create a custom DVD with house remodeling tips to give to new homeowners? 

Final Tips

Custom CDs and DVDs are a great way to show customers and potential customers that you go that extra mile. This can help you stand out from the competition, in addition to building brand loyalty. DVDs and CDs could also be used in your seasonal marketing. For instance, offer your customers a free Holiday Music CD. CDs and DVDs offer a dynamic form of communicating information, displaying work samples, or providing a unique bonus to your customers. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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8 thoughts on “Cutting Edge Marketing: Using Custom DVDs and CDs

  1. there’s nothing “cutting edge” about using CD/DVD in your marketing. why don’t you throw in some wax cylinder recordings, too?

  2. arajay, compared to what most small businesses use as marketing tools today (post cards, yellow page ads, tri-fold brochures, etc.) this is cutting-edge and would stand out from most of the junk the competitors have in their arsenal.

  3. Good tips here, Karen, but what about mailing the CD/DVDs? The CD/DVDs I have sent, even in “approved” mailers, tend to crack when going through postal machines (hand stamping works for a few, but not for bulk mailing). Any tips on how to send these CD/DVDs economically and safely? Next Day Flyers, you could make super quality printed mailers available besides the inserts. Love the info, service, and products I always receive from Next Day Flyers–you are awesome!

  4. These are good ideas, but i think more cutting edge is a thumb drive with an adobe pdf presentation highlighting your company.

  5. Certainly cutting edge is relative to what you currently do.

    Bookie 22 – Your question is a good one so I started researching to find an answer to what should be releativley easy – how to mail CD’s and DVD’s economically and safely. There are lots of different styles out there and it seems to be really safe, it of course can drive you cost up. Take a look at this which is the evolution of the netflix mailers – I guess coming up with great mailers are not simple at all.
    Will get back to you when I can come up with some solid tips for you. And I’ll put it to the readers – anyone tried a great CD and/or DVD mailer that really works?

  6. Hi Karen and thanks fpr looking for answers to this problem. Netflix uses a different kind of production for their CDs that gives the CDs a bit of flex that regular CD duplication does not. Because they can produce tens of thousands and more of each CD, they can afford this pricey technology. For several hundred or thousand regualr duplicated CDs, the cost is too high. Maybe your customers can come up with some creative ways to send them safely! Thanks again for any tips you can find!

  7. These are really good ideas. If you want to keep up with the cutting edge to promote yourself and/or company, video production is the way to go! Once the video is complete, promote yourself using CD/DVD, Infomercials, web-site and walk away leaving your client and/or potential client with something of value. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Interesting I hadn’t thought of using DVD’s and CD’s as a kind of promotional product or a way to show customers that you care. I’m definitely going to have to give this a try.

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