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“They’re Just a Classier Product” – EPC Ink Creates Eye-Catching Graphics Using Large Format Prints

Recently updated on February 11th, 2021 at 05:46 pm

 In an effort to get to know our customers better and find out what products they use and how they use them, we talked to graphic expert, Ernie Waldo about his company and his need for fast printing and large format products.

Graphic expert, Ernie Waldo, founder and owner of EPC Ink

Customer Profile

Company Name: EPC Ink

Company Size: 6 design employees

Location: Bakersfield, CA


Ernie has a long history in design and creating graphic products for companies. Starting out in 1984, working for a family-owned embroidery and screen printing firm, he has gradually built a business up to offer an extensive range of graphic design, marketing, and promotional services.

Ernie Waldo builds brands and identities through powerful products and promotions.  His media for expressing these identities include billboards, broadcast promotions, website design, and large format printing.  From business cards to banners, he believes in clear communication and brand science – creating image consistency across all print and new media platforms.

Examples of EPC Ink’s superior branding products printed at NextDayFlyers 

Each member of Ernie’s team of designers is stylistically very different. He feels that a good design team is one that is diversified through these differences.  Their client list is also very eclectic and although EPC Ink’s major clients include churches and non-profit organizations, they create print items for everything from salons to children’s birthday parties.

Ernie has a need for a lot of larger items for his client base, such as canvas prints and banner stands. He told us that these items have been helpful in enabling EPC Ink to create particularly elegant and noteworthy products for his customers:

 “We’ve used them for our church promotions to draw attention to particular events, but when it comes to salons and restaurants, banner stands are extremely effective.

They’re just a classier product in the way that they stand vertical and really catch-the-eye. They’re also portable and easy to take down – altogether they’re just a nicer product than your standard, everyday display products.”

Ernie also spoke to us about the effectiveness and value-for-money that these types of products represent:

“Similar to your window clings, when done graphically correct, they can really draw people in. Also, your vertical banners are very reasonably priced. ”

A selection of attention-grabbing banner stands created by EPC Ink for their big and small clients

Graphic and media production is a business that relies heavily on deadlines and speed-of-service, so getting prints in good time becomes vitally important. When talking to Ernie about one of his major clients, Valley Bible Fellowship (VBF), he stressed how important it was to have a good print partner relationship and how it was essential to get items such as his weekly VBF bulletin created on time:

“It’s important that we get this printed on time; we order Tuesday and they’re delivered Thursday. Your entire staff does a great job in ensuring that we have these ready, and the sweetheart of a customer rep who we typically deal with is really A++.”    

As a consummate professional who designs many graphics for a variety of big and small clients, we asked Ernie to give the readers of this blog some advice about starting their own graphics business. He told us:

“If you’re just starting out and learning the business, I encourage you to make use of all the resources that are available. There’s nothing wrong with working with stock templates such as the very relevant templates that NextDayFlyers provides.”

  • Based in Bakersfield, California, EPC Ink offers a full range of branding and design options. Log onto their website for all your identity solutions.


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