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“Like Having Our Own Press in-House” – The Story of Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen & NextDayFlyers

Recently updated on February 11th, 2021 at 05:56 pm

One of NextDayFlyers’ core company values is to build lasting relationships. We do this by providing a customized and flexible service that adapts to each client’s needs. We interviewed Heather McKeon, the Marketing Director of Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen and asked her about some of the challenges she faced when choosing a print partner. The following case study focuses on the story of Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen and highlights the challenges they faced and the solutions that we could provide.

Customer Profile

Company Name: Ybarra Franchising Group

Brands: Mexican Kitchen, Jimmy Changas

Company Size: 11 locations & approximately 1000 associates

Location: Houston and Greater Houston area

Founded in 1993, Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen has grown from a single location into a successful restaurant brand with 9 full-service Tex-Mex restaurants. Their sister concept, Jimmy Changas opened their doors in 2011 with a 2nd location in 2012 and their 3rd scheduled to open later this year.  They first became a NextDayFlyers customer in 2009.
Growing Business Needs

Prior to contacting NextDayFlyers, Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen was struggling to cope with their growing print demands. When they first made contact with NextDayFlyers, they were in great need of a print company that could deliver quality menus, table tents, flyers, and custom print products. As Heather told us:

“The challenge we faced was that we had grown and although we had our own in-house design team with a  high-end graphic printer, there was no way we could output what we needed to without putting serious wear and tear on our printer.”

Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen needed their print products fast and did not want to go through what Heather describes as the “jumping through the hoops” mentality of most print companies that expect clients to constantly sign-off on color and quality with a multitude of different image/design specifications. This slow process doesn’t work for a fast-moving company.

They needed a print company that could turnaround in-house designed products quickly while providing the right kinds of products to match their creative ideas. They were looking for custom treatment and provision of custom print products that would allow them to be creative with their marketing strategies and reactive to their seasonal promotional needs. When it came to time-sensitive materials such as Mother’s Day menus, Cinco de Mayo promotions, and special customer events, they required a company that could provide a 24-hour turnaround window.
Finding the Right Approach

When Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen contacted us, we wanted to provide them with a service that was personalized and responsive to their needs. Our business relationship with their company reflected their growing business need for a more intuitive print service that they had not received from other print shops. As well as providing them with better pricing, faster turnaround, last minute printing and custom items, we also wanted to ensure that their specific product and quality demands were met.

For some time, we had been developing a Customer Management Program that was designed to provide top clients with a service that was personal to their custom print needs. Using this approach, we would provider Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen with the personal service they were looking for.

Working in Partnership

When Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen first contacted us they were immediately impressed with NextDayFlyers’ quick turnaround of products. Heather told us that we provided a fast online service that they hadn’t experienced with other print companies:

“It was a relationship where everything was online and it was such a quick process in comparison to local printers in the Houston area – all the red tape we had to go through versus the quick online system and turnaround was such an expedited solution for us.”

What we also offered was a flexible service for their time-sensitive promotions and planned promotions. As Heather explained:

We have things like in-house or grassroots style promotions that require a twenty-four-hour turnaround but also know we can have our items turned around within four days or forty-eight hours without the high delivery cost.”

In addition to a quick turnaround, we also delivered a personalized service that reacted quickly to their company print needs for custom prints and products. Heather said:

“We’ve worked with a couple of different sales reps and there’s never been a doubt on our end when we thought NextDayFlyers couldn’t handle our needs. No matter what, they  figure it out for us – it gives us a great sense of confidence knowing that regardless of the project or idea we come up with, we know that you guys can turn it around.”

Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen had a particular need for non-standard sizes of take-out menus, table tents, and other custom products. Our personalized service ensured that they could get these products very easily through their personal account manager. Heather talked to us about this unique print partnership:

“We’ve been dealing with Alver and he’s amazingly quick and expedites everything so smoothly for us – especially when it comes to ordering custom items which is ninety-nine percent of what we do. Having this personal service allows us to meet our deadlines and work within our budget.”

The Personalized Difference

By providing a highly personalized service for printing their non-standard products, Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen has been able to quickly realize their marketing concepts. Being able to instantly react to the market and get their promotions out fast, easily, and on budget is something that works for their business.

Our single point of contact means less time spent negotiating with multiple print vendors and represents a single point-of-call for product and price negotiation.  In providing a personal account manager that they trust to supply them with quality prints when they need them, they have been presented with a more effective solution for their growing business. As Heather described:

“It feels like using NextDayFlyers has been like having our own press in-house.”

To learn more about Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen and the products and services they offer, go to:

To learn more about Jimmy Changas and the products and services they offer, go to:

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  1. I live in Houston and have seen your prints, plus I am a regular buyer from you guys!! Congrats !!!

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