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Cross Media Advantage: Tips for Getting Started with Cross Channel Marketing

Customers who interact with your company by opting into emails, following you on Twitter, reading your blog, and by allowing text messages, are customers with a higher potential for conversion than a customer who merely agreed to take your emails. Reaching these customers, across channels, is the key to success.

Cross channel marketing, when done effectively, engages customers in a consistent fashion across every marketing channel. Marketing across channels in an interactive way is more difficult than the straight forward multi channel marketing where you might be using different messages in each channel.

What makes cross channel challenging?

  • Usuallyeach channel has its own organized structure within a company and thosestructures do not overlap.
  • It’shard to pull together the data and coordinate it when it’s coming fromdifferent areas.
  • Customersuse each channel differently, and how they use those channels isunpredictable.

3 Tips for getting started with Basic Cross Channel Principles

  1. Form company structure to align across channels
  2. Rethink your marketing database. Ask: –
    • What impressions are my customers seeing?
    • When are they seeing what?
    • How often do they visit my website?
    • Why do they visit my website?
    • What is happening in customer care?
    • What is happening at point of sale?
  3. Use answers to above questions to develop programs that engage each customer in the way they like through their channel of choice.

Mobile Strengths

Simplicity – SMS is the one communication method shared by almost every mobile phone user and it meets a marketer’s hurdle for maximum reach, while also offering the opportunity to tailor calls to action on a one to one basis.

Email Strengths

Highly visual and content rich, it presents the marketer with the chance to really “wow” the audience with a compelling message. Consider tying email into cross channel programs as a confirmation step or as the result of a consumer taking action in another channel.

Social Media Strengths

Most consumers follow a brand on social sites to learn about upcoming new products, events, offers or other incentives.

Cross channel marketing allows you to serve the needs of your customers in different ways. For more on this read Technorati’s post Playing to Channel Strength Key to Successful Cross Channel Marketing Part 2.


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