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Critical consumers safeguard their personal info

Marketing Week reported that research conducted by fast.MAP and the Direct Marketing Association found consumers are becoming less comfortable with providing personal information for company data.

Market Watch reported that the research showed that in April 2011, most incentives such as store discounts, vouchers and free samples were losing their appeal, with only free shipping increasing in popularity by 2 percentage points to 20 percent of consumers. Only 16 percent of people thought a store card was a good reason to share their personal details, down from 18 percent in September 2010; and 24 percent felt the same way about discounts, down from 30 percent in May 2010. But a steady 54 percent said that if they trusted a brand they would give them their details.

According to Chris Combernale, executive director of the Direct Marketing Association, consumers now expect brands to provide services without receiving any of their information. Fast.MAP managing director David Cole said that brands should focus on the data that is collected and create direct mail campaigns to engage that particular audience.

Ereleases addressed the consumer trust issue many brands are facing by providing some ways to regain that trust and create a sense of accountability within the market. These tips included getting testimonials from satisfied customers, connect and interact through social media so consumers feel like they have been heard, create a consistent brand image to illustrate stability and work to surpass consumer expectations with each transaction.  

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