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What’s Next: Creative Ways to Use A Bookmark Other Than As A Bookmark

Recently updated on November 16th, 2017 at 06:28 pm

The venerable bookmark isn’t just good for marking your place in that book or magazine you’re reading. In fact, it appears that the book itself has been turned into “kindling” and the magazine into bird cage liner. People are reading less and viewing videos more.

So here are a half-dozen ideas for those thin slips of cardstock once believed to help those who read find the exact spot where they had to stop reading to answer the doorbell.

1. Use bookmarks as gift tags
Bookmarks are a natural to serve double duty as a gift tag. Whether it’s a holiday or special occasion like a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, bookmarks are a great add-on to a gift.

2. Use them to inform the members of your reading club
Obviously members of reading groups will appreciate a new bookmark for their book of the month. Give them a new one every month with the name of the book they’re reading and personalize it with their name.

3. Sell them at fundraising drives
Make personalized bookmarks with your group’s name and logo and tag line or special quote that has to do with that particular fundraiser. Punch two holes about two inches apart and slip a pen or a lollipop into the holes and sell the item for $1, $2, $3 and watch ‘em sell like hotcakes!

4. Use them as a unique way to present a gift of pierced earrings.
If you’re giving a set of earrings, you can easily poke the studs through and viola, you have a cool way to present a pair of earrings.

5. Use bookmarks as party Invitations
Ask your guests to “bookmark the date” with custom personalized bookmarks. Add magnets to the backs of the bookmarks so your invitees can put them on their refrigerators.

6. Give commemorative bookmarks at memorial services
Give friends and family bookmarks imprinted with a photo of the departed loved one and a special verse or poem that commemorates their life. The bookmarks can be included with a program of the service or used instead of a program. Guests are sure to appreciate the bookmarks because it’s a bit different from the ordinary program that most funeral homes use, and they can be included in a family Bible, album or scrapbook.

And these six are just the tip of the iceberg. Let your imagination run wild and before you know it you’ll be turning the sleepy old bookmark into a lively marketing tool.

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One thought on “What’s Next: Creative Ways to Use A Bookmark Other Than As A Bookmark

  1. Love the bookmark ideas!!! I take part in several “Open House” events each year and the lollipop/bookmark idea is a great attention-getter. I can adapt it to wedding/portrait/or bar mitzvah folks. Who doesn’t love a lollipop!!!

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