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Creating a print campaign hierarchy

Print marketing campaigns are valuable customer retention and creation sources. That being said, no initiative should be launched without a full analysis and outline of the campaign's goals, targets and methods.

But given recent technological innovations in both print and web marketing, the two forms of marketing have begun to diverge more than ever – each with their own respective benefits.

"Technology and automation advances have let companies increase productivity, thereby increasing supply," writes Keith Wardekll for Direct Market News. "This has produced an excess of supply versus demand for most vertical markets and has made it difficult, if not impossible, for companies to differentiate themselves based upon product or service alone."

One way to manage the often overwhelming task of executing a comprehensive print marketing project is by initiating a print campaign hierarchy. This involves identifying the key stages of a customer or client's relationship with the company and then referencing those points through continued correspondence with the client. This could mean reinforcing a purchase with an email follow-up or even a direct mail product.

The bottom line is customers do not want to feel like any old consumer. By registering a client's involvement, the company can reference it for suggested future sales, trace purchasing history or even use it for consumer marketing data.

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