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Creating a Catchy Print Advertisement

Just because every business from retail to massage therapy seem to be hopping on the social media bandwagon doesn't mean marketers should forget the value of print advertising. One of the reasons many businesses neglect print is because of poorly designed and ill-conceived projects.

Print ads should, first and foremost, grab consumers' attention. A heavy dose of information really only serves to overwhelm viewers and likely divert their focus.

That being said, brief "news-worthy" pieces of information can be invaluable communication techniques.

"It should appeal to the reader's self-interest or announce news," writes Rieva Lesonsky for Entrepreneur magazine. "An ad that takes the 'you' point of view and tells readers how they will benefit from your product or service piques and keeps their interest. And if, in addition, it has news value, your ad has a better than fighting chance."

Still, one cannot stress enough the effectiveness of a catchy image or graphic. In fact, a recent study by mall media specialist EYE found 47.8 percent of shoppers who pass a print poster with a face on it, for example, take a second look.

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