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Couple receives postcard 50 years after it was sent

A couple in Macon, Georgia, received a postcard last month that was stamped for delivery on November 10, 1958. The five-cent card was sent from New Mexico by Wilmer Bragg to his family in Georgia.

At the time, Bragg was a marine and had been traveling through New Mexico on his way back to California, where he was stationed.

"I'm enjoying the trip and safe so far," was the brief message the postcard read, and now, more than 52 years later, Bragg and his family have received it.

"It just brought a joy to think it had been held up that long and then made it here," Wilmer's wife Sarah told WFIE News.

"The handwriting began to look a little familiar," added Wimer, "and I said it looks similar to the way I write, and it dawned on me then that, that is my writing. It was shocking and unexpected."

As joyful and nostalgic the receipt of the postcard was, the reason for its tardiness has perplexed both the Braggs and postal officials. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Service told the news source the postcard was likely stuck in equipment thought to be empty – for five decades.

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