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Cost-effective marketing tips for small businesses

Sometimes the most effective improvements to your marketing campaign can be achieved with little to no effort – financial or physical. All you need is a bit of creative resourcefulness.

Take, for example, your business card – the primary tool from which all self-promotion and personal contact information is obtained. A greeting, photograph or message in the empty space on the back of the card can be a personal means of connecting with customers, client or prospective business partners.

"That extra info can be a great conversation starter," John Fletcher, president of New York City graphic design firm Johnny Agency Inc., told Reuters. "It also allows you to convey important facts about your business during those precious moments when you have someone's attention."

It's also important to test your marketing ideas and initiatives before forging ahead with a plan – regardless of its price. For web campaigns, use tools such as Google Analytics to analyze where your traffic is coming from and how they are getting to your site.

Obviously, it's not as simple to measure the effectiveness of print campaigns, but past efforts and industry research can certainly provide crucial demographic insight.

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