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Copywriting: A Few Tips

Even though some professionals spend entire careers perfecting the craft of writing marketing or advertising copy, small businesses and entrepreneurs needn't be intimidated when attempting to do the same.

When it comes down to it, copywriting is about directness. It is about using a specific style or tone of language that most effectively communicates with an audience.

That being said, marketing materials that require more extensive writing – such as direct mail, brochures or newsletters – should aim to entice readers. Use bullets and buzzwords like "free" or "easy," address readers directly and personally and maintain a consistent flow through the copy.

"Always think up dozens of alternative headlines," suggests Thom Reece for "Put your strongest benefits in them and test your best alternatives. When writing headlines for websites make sure they include key search words and phrases along with the benefits."

It may also help to reference testimonials in your copy, as they provide readers with a bit of evidence supporting your argument. They should be specific, and if possible, they should source respected individuals or organizations.

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