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Copy Chat: A Handful of Tips to Improve Your Writing

Most writers make a similar mistake (who can blame them?). They believe that people love to read – an easy assumption to make because most writers love to read. Becoming a better writer requires this perception to be set aside and write to a reader who is reluctant at best and is, for the most part, resistant to reading at all.

Here are Ten Tips to Employ for Immediate Results:

1. Aim for an average sentence length of around a dozen words.

2. Vary between short and long sentences to keep the reader from dozing off.

3. Split long sentences into two whenever possible.

4. Take a scalpel to flabby language and unnecessary words.

5. Every word and sentence must mean something to the reader.

6. Long paragraphs belong in novels. Limit paragraphs to two or three sentences at most.

7. Never use words to impress your reader. Leave corporate terminology for the annual report.

8. Use positive language that lets the reader learn what “can be” achieved. Avoid negative terms that dwell on limitations and risks.

9. Use subheads and bullets to help the reader skim the page.

10. Read what you have written aloud. It may look great, but sound ridiculous. This technique will let you know what needs to be rewritten.

Writing is a craft that takes years to master – if ever. Entire courses and textbooks are available to guide you in a writing career. However, the best results

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