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Copy Chat – Small Business Marketing Tips for Thriving this Holiday Season

As you continue to develop your copy for the 2010 holiday season and fine tuning your last minute campaigns, keep the following tips in mind to help your small business make the most of the consumer spending season.

• Keep your message focused and clear. Keep it short and support your emails with special seasonal postcards.

• Bump up your customer support and service. Customers need to feel relaxed and good about their purchases so make sure you offer a positive return policy and consider offering extended support that is bundled with their purchase.

• Reward your most active customers by offering them something special that other customers do not receive.

• Consider tying a very aggressive campaign by offering something really special for the first X number of customers who click a certain link.

• Increase your pay-per lick ads on Google, Bing, and Facebook and target specific phrases such as Black Friday to bring those people to your site.

• Offer a special buy now, get half off in the new year kind of deal, which will encourage them to return and buy again in 2011.

• Add a “call me now” button to your website so customers can get questions answered right then and there, with nothing but a click. They click the button, put in their number, and get the call right away.

• Offer a feel good service such as a Santa extension where kids can call in and speak with “Santa” at his own extension – toll free of course.

Even if you’re a really small business you can still offer good customer support hours without losing out on all that holiday time with your family. You can use call forwarding to get calls to any number you choose. Your small staff can rotate shifts for this, or if the entire staff is you, consider bribing your friends for the critical weeks prior to Christmas.


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