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Copy Chat: How to Grab Your Readers’ Attention and Close the Deal

Information overload. We’re bombarded, bamboozled, or bored, by a never ending stream of too much of too much the same.  You might have the greatest product since (fill in the blank with your favorite product here), but unless you get people to pay attention your business can still fail. 

In person, you at least have the opportunity for your unbridled enthusiasm for you business win the listener over. But online, you have to do something with your content and design so people sit up, tune in, and pay attention so you can close the deal.

Step 1. Be Aware of the Obstacles

  • The sheer volume of information that bombards us
  • Your competition
  • Determining best channels for content distribution
  • Buyer sophistication
  • Buyer need for instant gratification

Step 2. Grab Reader Attention

  • Aim to get your readers to see what you see, feel what you feel. Use storytelling, description, personal experience, and case histories
  • Make it personal to the reader
  • Use content to play to emotions, not to logic
  • Respect your readers, don’t talk down or use industry jargon

Step 3. Craft Your Message and Close Deal

  • Craft an offer that people will actually want to buy
  • Build trust
  • Answer questions and counter objections
  • Describe appealing benefits to spark interest and fan it into desire
  • Make it easy for the prospect to see herself as a customer
  • Increase desire with appealing bonuses
  • Deliver a clear, compelling call to action
  • Build in urgency elements to get the prospect to act today
  • State your call to action again

Copywriting Formulas

If you want to dig a little deeper into ways to make sure your copy is doing what it needs to do (and if you don’t have the resources to hire a professional content writer for your business, blog, or site), there are “formulas” you might want to be aware of that can help you when you’re putting your content together. Beware though, part of what makes awesome content zing, is its organic nature. So a formula might help you get all the components into your copy but make sure you make it work for your specific situation.

Some Copywriting Formulas From ProCopyTips

  • AIDA — This is the best-known copywriting formula of all time. Every successful promotional message must attract Attention, arouse Interest, stimulate Desire, and present a compelling call for Action.
  • ACCA — Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action. This is similar to AIDA, but “Comprehension” stresses the importance of clarity and understanding, which is vital for any persuasive message. Also, “Conviction” is much stronger than “Desire.” It suggests certainty.
  • AAPPA — The eminent Victor O. Schwab suggested a very commonsense and clear formula. Get Attention. Show people an Advantage. Prove it. Persuade people to grasp this advantage. Ask for action.
  • PPPP — This is a formula by Henry Hoke, Sr. It stands for Picture, Promise, Prove, Push.  Picture: Get attention early and create a desire. Promise: Make a meaningful promise, describe benefits and what the item will do. Prove: Demonstrate the value and support your promise with testimonials. Push: Ask for the order.
  • Star-Chain-Hook — This is Frank Dignan’s charming and surprisingly fresh way to approach an advertising message. Hitch your wagon to a Star with an attention-getting opening that is positive and upbeat. Create a Chain of convincing facts, benefits, and reasons and transform attention into interest and interest into desire. Then, Hook them with a powerful call to action, making it easy to respond.
  • ABC Checklist — William Steinhardt’s formula. Attain Attention, Bang out Benefits, Create verbal pictures, Describe success incidents, Endorse with testimonials, Feature special details, Gild with values, Honor claims with guarantees, Inject action in reader, Jell with postscript.
  • The String of Pearls — This is a particular method of writing copy. The idea is that you assemble details and string them together in a long line, one after another. Each “pearl” is complete in some way, but when you string them together, their persuasive power becomes overwhelming.

Final Notes

Writing attention-grabbing copy that works isn’t easy. With online (and offline) marketing channels increasing, the need for amazing copy is only increasing. If you have, as of yet, not truly taken the time to get your copy where it needs to be to do the best job possible to sell your product or service, now is definitely the time.

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