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Copy Chat: 8 Tips to Polish Your Content Marketing Skills

Though the basis of content marketing has been around for ages, its recent popularity as a marketing buzzword makes it seem all shiny and brand new. And if you’re feeling like your “old” skills aren’t quite shiny enough for the new era, here are some quick content marketing tips to give you a little polish.

Content Marketing Tips

1. Forget what you want to say, your content must address the needs of the reader

2. Your content must address the readers’ pain points, teach or entertain them, or do all

3. Create enough variation in your content to appeal to different stages of decision making:

  • The Early Stage – readers are researching and forming opinions about vendors and seeing who can meet their needs.
  •  The Middle Stage – readers are gathering specific information about ways to meet their challenges and see how others like them have solved the same problems.
  • In the Later Stage people are ready to buy and are evaluating the merit of that product from that vendor.

4. Build persuasive elements into your content. These can include:

  • repetition
  • reasons why
  • consistency
  • proof – testimonials and referrals 
  • compare what you have with something the reader already knows is true
  • identify a problem
  • solve that problem
  • create exclusion – we like to be invited to join something when we know not everyone is invited
  • overcome the objections
  • tell a story

5. Content doesn’t just mean words on your website. Create content with different formats such as:

  • written – short and long content, white papers
  • audio
  • images
  • video
  • ebooks

6. Use social media to build relationships and support your business

7. Use content to build your brand identity

8. Select metrics that give you the information you need to make adjustments to content for improved performance over time

Maximizing your content so that it helps do some of the marketing for you is a wise use of your upfront time and budget. And with online competition being what it is today, it’s vital that you develop the skill (or hire someone who does) to create content that is useful, informative, and SEO solid.  

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