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Content and Relevance in Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies

There are a number of studies that show the relative value and effectiveness of certain marketing mediums over others, and many of those channels have specific demographics and consumer bases that render them even more powerful.

However, companies that are serious about their marketing initiatives will need to be serious about reaching the maximum number of prospects and consumers, and to do that requires a cross-channel strategy.

"Sending 14 emails a year is better than nothing, but it is not the best way; neither would be sending 14 snail mail pieces – or making 14 phone calls," writes Paul McCord for "Neither would be sending 14 postcards during the course of the year."

"However, constructing a campaign using a combination of these methods could be a very effective program," he adds.

Of course, it may be even more important to provide relevant content to your prospects. In this age of constant communication and instant information, consumers are more and more drawn to material that is relevant to them.

Accordingly, businesses need to incorporate content that is useful and informative.

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