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Company launches campaign to promote the importance of paper

A leading paper manufacturer has announced a new ad campaign designed to increase public awareness of paper products. Domtar Corporation’s “Paper Because” campaign will include advertisements in the New York Times, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic, among other publications.

“There are times when no substitute for paper will suffice,” said Domtar president and CEO John D. Williams.”It is how great ideas begin, how the world learns, how important news gets shared and how people meaningfully connect with each other.”

In its campaign, the paper company points out that paper is one of the most recycled products on the planet, it is up to 20 percent faster to read than online material and that 60 percent of senior executives prefer printed information over digital.

The unique ad campaign highlights the increasing need for sustainably produced paper products, especially as online and digital material continue to compete with print. The advertisements will debut Monday.

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