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Cloud, Mobile Technologies Increase Demand for Print

The rapid growth of cloud computing has allowed businesses and professionals to access their data and work-related information through the web. More importantly, it has allowed businesspeople to work on the road or from decentralized locations.

But new data suggest that as salesmen, marketers, freelancers and executives hit the road, the need to print certain materials increases. The ubiquity of smartphones is only compounding this demand, as a recent study from International Data Corporation found 52 percent of respondents who use smartphones do not currently have printing capabilities but would like to.

"We are on the verge of a mobile print expansion, and business users will demand and eventually expect print capabilities from their mobile devices," said Jonathan Bees, a research director at IDC. "This shift away from dependence on desktop PCs and laptops for printing will provide users with the access and mobility they're looking for. Furthermore, mobility is driving print volume."

Other recent studies have shown gains in commercial printing shipments, as well as plans for 2011 marketing expenditures, suggesting professionals in all industries are still demanding print services.

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