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Children’s business cards take foot among parents

As personal marketing tools, business cards are used as a point of contact with prospective partners and customers. Because they are so individualized and personal, cards are often seen as scaled-down representations of the carrier – a tendency that has snowballed in Japan, as business men and women are accustomed to bowing to each other in exchange for business cards.

But another trend in the U.S. involves business cards for children. “Kiddie business cards,” as they are called, have been used by a growing number of parents to exchange play-date information with other parents.

The cards are printed with detailed information, quirky fonts and goofy color schemes.

“Some bear messages such as ‘I’d love you to come and play’ on the reverse,” writes Claire Cohen for the Daily Mail. “You can even add information as to what foods your child dislikes, what sports they play and whether or not they can swim.”

Entire web startups have launched to supply the growing demand. With so many people now switching to email and social media for all of their communication and correspondence needs, it’s surprising to witness a fad spring up with the old-school appeal of print business cards at its heart.


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