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Charitable Organizations Can Provide Bonuses to Donors With Gift Certificates

A great deal of creativity is necessary for nonprofit groups to successfully solicit donations. While companies offering consumer products have a number of advertising tactics at their disposal, charitable organizations often have to conduct unique promotions in order to garner the funds necessary to continue operating. Hence the numerous raffles, auctions and sales that these entities commonly hold.

However, while such events can help to raise money, they can always benefit from additional marketing magic. That's why printed gift certificates can be deployed to great effect in such endeavors. By providing people with more than the chance that they'll be awarded a prize (the proceeds of which will go to an admirable cause), nonprofits can guarantee high attendance and increased enthusiasm.

Additionally, 2.5×7 inch printed gift certificates serve dual purposes – they function as market materials themselves as well as offering a raffle ticket or portion of one's auction fee to consumers. This sort of free gift is almost always enough to push anyone who was on the fence about visiting a fundraising event over the edge and towards attendance.  

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