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Category: Next Day Flyers

New Product Release – Bring them in With a Window Cling!

At a very affordable price, you can get a window cling to add color and excitement to your shop promotions and bring customers inside your store. With our new window clings in huge range custom and standard sizes, we’re giving you the chance to stick it to the competition with a product that sets your business apart.…

NextDayFlyers Joins Forces with the Post Office for Low-Cost Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

The US Postal Service has introduced a fantastic new low-cost direct mailing service for small businesses to target local neighborhoods. Called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), the service is revolutionizing the way that businesses direct mail market their products and services. At NextDayFlyers, we have been quick to see the benefit of this service for our own small business customers.…

Scraps Go Where? The NDF Commitment to Sustainability

As a leading printing company, Next Day Flyers purchases and processes a staggering amount of paper and card stock. In creating printed materials for our customers, a considerable amount of scrap is generated. What happens to all of the stuff that winds up on the cutting room floor?

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