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Category: Marketing Tips

Keep Your Business Alive Even When The Economy Stinks

No getting around it – the economy isn’t looking all that pretty these days. With the Dow recently suffering its biggest decline in 20 years, concern is in the air. Should we pack it in, stuff all our money into a mattress and call it a year? That’s one option. Here’s another – dust yourself off, take stock (not the Dow kind), and build up your loyalty.

Innovative Postcard Marketing

When we talk about postcards, which have been around for 150 years, give or take (the private postal card was first developed by John Charlton in 18611), it’s easy to feel as if everything under the sky has already been tried. Not true! To spark your creative flow so you can come up with some innovative postcard ideas of your own here are some pretty cool marketing ideas.

Using Postcards as Internet Invitations

If you’ve used postcards at all you know they are an effective way to generate sales leads1  for your business.  But did you know that postcards are also good for expanding your social networking which leads to word of mouth advertising and long term brand loyalty? In the article “Networking with Postcards 1” posted previously on our blog, we discussed methods for postcard distribution. Now let’s look at a couple of creative ways to use your postcards to increase the Internet traffic on your sites.