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Category: Marketing Tips

Tips & Bits #33: Low-Budget Advertising Tactics for Small Businesses

Advertising expenses can easily overwhelm a major portion of a new-businesses’ startup funds or an existing small businesses’ operating cash flow. But advertising is essential to attract new customers and to drive continuing sales. Happily, there are economical ways to advertise and promote your business.…

Copy Chat: Humor in Advertising

Many of the most memorable advertising campaigns have been humorous. Over the years, countless advertisers have used this strategy to attract customers. Audiences want to be entertained, not subjected to a hard sell. People pay attention to humorous commercials because it makes them comfortable. This makes them let down their guard –leaving them open to be influenced.

Tips & Bits #30: Survey Says… Tips for Creating Effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Listening to customers is a great way to fine-tune and improve your business and, hopefully, improve profitability while generating loyalty. But not all of your customers are forthcoming with their thoughts and opinions.

That’s why more and more companies are conducting customer satisfaction surveys. And while large corporations can afford to hire a J.D. Power & Associates to orchestrate an exhaustive study, you may not have the funds or the time.

Lucky for you—we are going to pass along some useful tips on how you can get this valuable information. By gaining insight into your customer’s wants and needs, you can make business and marketing decisions with greater confidence.

Marketing In the Digital Age: A Short Course in Success for the Online Entrepreneur

With more and more people earning extra money or earning a living by selling online, the number of websites dedicated to this pursuit is still growing exponentially. With ebay being the granddaddy there are sites like etsy, zazzle, café press, and others that provide a wealth of handholding to a person who is just starting out. Here’s an easy to digest serving of sincerely implementable ideas that will help you emerge from the masses of sellers.

Tips & Bits #27: Loyalty Cards

Is your wallet or purse overflowing with loyalty cards? If you’re like most people, you probably buy many things over and over again. A growing number of marketers want you to keep coming back for more when the time comes for you to refill, restock or replenish your supply of whatever product or service (usually a commodity of some kind) you need.

The Customer Loyalty Card is the vehicle of choice for many – and primarily small – businesses. (The big companies usually opt for those plastic cards with a magnetic strip on it and call it a club. And they’ll provide you with a mini version for your keychain, too.)