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Category: Our Daily Best

Our Daily Best: Week of June 13th

Mid-June finds us up to our necks in an ocean of inspiration. We discovered useful social networking tactics, studied brochure design lessons, took advantage of a stampede of freebies, and focused on photography advice from the pros. Over the weekend you’ll find a few fascinating posts to peruse, too. See you on Monday when we stoke your creative fires again.

Our Daily Best: Week of May 23rd

While preparing for the 3-day Memorial Weekend, our thoughts turn towards those who have suffered the devastating forces of nature and our hopes and prayers go out to them. Here at the blog, we started out with a lesson on how to probe our customers. Next we immersed ourselves in business card design and creation with FREE templates and tutorials. Close behind was a marathon of FREE stuff to inspire and assist graphic designers everywhere.

Our Daily Best: Week of May 9th

Now we’re hitting our stride in May. Every day, we try to shine a guiding light to enlighten designers and marketing team members throughout the land. This week we sharpened our subject line creating skills. We familiarized ourselves with the art of gift certificates. We scooped up a boatload of FREE PSDs. And we took in a ton of tips to help develop our photographic talent.

Our Daily Best: Week of May 2nd

A week that will be recorded in history books, the beginning of May will be permanently etched in our memories. Tips & Bits touched upon a simple form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), loyalty programs. Then we got busy making greeting cards for mom with the help of The Art of Design. Graphic Design Roundup took us on a whirlwind tour of logos, cartoons, invitations, tools and more.

Our Daily Best: Week of April 25th

As we bid April a fond farewell, we cautiously dip our toes into May. Over the past five days, we’ve savored the sage advice found in Tips & Bits. We’ve been schooled by the wealth of valuable information brought to our attention by The Art of Design and Graphic Design Roundup. And we felt the power of Photobomb’s substance. Let it all happen to you!