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Category: Business Offline

Know Your Customer: From Demographics to Psychographics

For more than half a century, demographics has been the primary method used by those in marketing and advertising to define populations of consumers.

More recently, thanks to interest tracking from social networks, behavioral data from search outlets, and lifecycle forecasting, there are more robust methods for describing potential customers.

Know Your Customer: The Myth of the Male Shopper

Contrary to popular belief, men are shopping more than ever. According to Bloomingdale’s fashion director Kevin Harter, in 2001, 64% bought their own clothes; nine years later that number had grown to 84%. Other research shows that about 33% of the primary grocery shoppers are now men. Yet, sadly, 40% of men surveyed felt unwelcome in retail stores.

Day Jobbing & Night Baking #3: Maximize Your Productivity

Building a business can be exhausting especially during the first year. If you’re working a full-time job and starting a small business, the risk of burn out is doubled. Time management is crucial to your success! Now is the perfect time to establish healthy work habits that promote maximum productivity. Here are a few tips…

Inspiration for Your Brand Identity Logo Makeover

For many businesses there are certain junctures when they have to consider creating a new brand identity. For instance, updating a brand logo so it’s more modern is a fairly common reason for making over a brand identity. Other reasons might be the need broaden appeal or your current products or services are not accurately reflected in your current identity. If you find yourself in need of making over your brand logo, here are some inspirational images showing how some logos have changed over time.  (Please note, some of these brand logos may have changed even more since original posting of images).