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Category: Print Design

Business Card Origami: Who Says Business Can’t Be Fun?

All work and no play makes everybody cranky. So if you need a little break, you can use your business card to entertain yourself. Here are a couple of basic projects. If you get hooked, just search for business card origami on the internet and you’ll find plenty of plans to keep you busy for a long time.

The Art of Design #24: Menus

This week on The Art of Design we return to the yummiest of all print products; the Menu. As the 2nd most important thing behind the actual food, the menu is critical to entice a hungry patron before they even know what they want. It must delight the eyes and wet the appetitite, yet be informative enough to leave the customer satisfied in their order. Keep the restaurant cooking with these tips, tutorials, FREE templates and more!…

Art of Design #21: Brochures

This week on the The Art of Design we have returned to our good friends The Brochure. It might be the most versatile of print, because of all the variations you can do with folds, sizes, colors and really just the overall presentation. Mixing important information with elaborate design; making sure that the reader does not get overwhelmed with either; the brochure can be a tricky item to master. To help you, we’ve brought you tips on how to design the best one you can, inspiration to give you ideas and even a few templates to get you started! Start designing today!

A Postcard for Every Purpose: A Dozen Ideas for Marketing with Postcards

Postcards are such versatile marketing vehicles. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes. They can be mailed cheaply – some sizes qualify for deep discounts with bulk mailing. And they communicate instantly – they don’t have to be opened like a letter in an envelope.

The Art of Design #20: Flyers

The flyer. That pesky little windshield nuisance that you can’t seem to get away from when you leave your car parked, is one of the best marketing tools you can use. Yet, with the onslaught of flyers that a person receives, how do you break away and be that one they keep! This week we bring you tons of inspiration, some great tutorials and a whole stack of tips to keep your flyer on top of the heap and your message on the forefront of people’s minds. Only here at The Art of Design: Flyers.