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5 Make or Break Poster Design Tips

1. Hierarchy

When you design your poster you need to understand the viewing process and create a design hierarchy based on what is most important. You need to ask yourself questions such as… What is a viewer going to notice first when they look at my design? What is the most important information in this poster? What message am I trying to get across? Is my message easy to understand and remember?

20 Business Brochure Designs

Brochures are one of the most versatile direct marketing materials a business can use. They can be mailed, set up near product displays, put in an office waiting room, handed to people to take home and more. Their main purpose is usually to inform and help people make a decision to buy. The best brochures clearly highlight important information such as features, benefits, pricing and where a person can go to find even more information or buy.

5 Tips for Creating a Travel Brochure

1. Include Powerful Imagery

When it comes to vacations and traveling its all about visualization. People dream of sandy beaches, palm trees and ocean water. Your travel brochure should play into the dreams and desires of people looking to escape the daily work grind for a few days so they can relax at their favorite vacation destination.  Use images that will inspire emotion and help readers of your brochure picture themselves at their dream destination.

22 Fantastic Full Color Postcards

When it comes to direct mail marketing, the name of the game is grabbing attention, and a great way to draw a viewer in is with a beautiful and bright full-color postcard design. Boring and dull colored postcards won’t stand a chance against the other postcards in the mail pile; so the first step to marketing success is taking advantage of the affordability of full-color postcard printing at Next Day Flyers!