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The Art of Design #1: Business Cards

Welcome to the first The Art of Design blog article! Each week, we will be focusing on the great art of print design, with each article focusing on a specific print product. From flyers to postcards to posters to even custom items, we will help inspire, teach and provide free resources to make the best print designs you can make.

This week… the mother of all print…. the BUSINESS CARD!

10 Free Vibrant Business Card Designs

Business cards are a must no matter what professional field you are in, but not everyone has the creative expertise to design one on their own. I have collected 10 free vibrant business card designs that you can use and edit to your own preference. Most of the templates below are saved as Illustrator and Photoshop files for easy editing. I hope you can use these templates to give you new inspirations and ideas to make your business stand out from the rest. Have Fun.

15 Dos and Don’ts for Profitable Menu Design

Menus that generate the most profit require time and attention to detail. The overall design needs to reflect the personality and feeling of the restaurant because menus are a key ambassador for your establishment. As a general format, most menus are laid out in a way that follows the natural dining experience – with appetizers first, entrees, and then desserts. And before you dig in, make sure you examine the prices, menus, and websites, of your competition to help determine where and how you can compete.