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Category: Product Design test

The Art of Design #8: CD Covers

The CD Cover is easily one of the most well adored printed art piece. Designed to be a reflection of the art on the cd, the artistic image of the music group, as well as an art piece in itself. It can really express a lot of depth before someone can even give the music a listen to. With the last 10 years of portable music dominace, the visual art side of music has taken a back seat, yet in the last year or so, we have seen a resurgance of the phsyical art along with the digital. Now is the time to make sure you are designing the perfect CD cover!

That’s why we’ve focused on this CD Covers this week with free templates, design tips, tons of inspiration, and any resources that we could find that will make your music pop, so that you can! This week on The Art of Design: CD Covers.

The Art of Design #7: Menus

The right menu can make or a break a restaurant or bar. It literally can be the virtual representation of the food or drink you are about to present to your customer and help them decide whether they want the $5 shrimp cocktail or the $50 Filet Mignon. Folds, sizes, papers, coatings; the overwhelming amount of options available to the design of a menu offers another level of complexity to the design. Bottom line; it better be at its top form and be consistent with the image you are trying to portray at your restaurant… or you better start looking for another career.

The Business Cards of Tech Giants

The other day I was doing research for a small project, and I happened to stumble upon one of Bill Gates’ original business cards. Obviously, things turned out fantastic for him. He made a fantastic product that ultimately changed our lives forever, and it is very possible that his business card helped get him to where he is today. I wonder who he gave it to first. Perhaps they thought to themselves, “Oh wow! This is a fantastic business card! This guy is going places. I’ll buy from him.” Well, it probably didn’t happen like that, but it could happen for you. You just need a great business card, right?!?

The Art of Design #6: Posters

Posters offer some of the best designs of any print product available. You have a lot of space, you have to make it stylish to catch the viewers eye and you have to convey the most vital information, quickly. These elements allow for some amazing and creative designs to be created that wouldn’t really work on any other print product.

With such a specific type of design, anyone could use help on making a poster pop. That’s why we’ve brought you 82 poster design tutorials, as well as inspiration, tips and resources to keep your posters catching the eye of everyone who walks by. This week on The Art of Design: Posters.

The Art of Design #4: Brochures

With so much available space and design options, designing a brochure can be a daunting task. You have a lot of information to present and you want it all to stick with your clients. With so many options for design, how do you get started?

That’s why we’ve collected this huge list of wonderful brochure inspiration, tutorials, tips and free templates to help you design the best brochure you can!

The Art of Design #3: Flyers

Music, businesses, events, coupons… the list is endless for the marketing possibilities of flyers. Yet, how do you stand out from the onslaught of vibrant flyers that you compete with on a windshield, counter or wall?

Today we’ve brought you some inspiration, some tips, some templates and some great resources on designing the best flyer you can design; only here at the NDF Blog’s Art of Design: Flyers!