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Category: Photography

Photobomb #27: Tips for lighting, tips for editing and tips for smiling

Do you take pictures? Or do you create photography? Point and shoot or DSLR? Personal or as a business? Either way, you can always benefit from learning something new! This week we have tips on lighting, food, editing, macro and the most important of them all….getting a woman to smile.

Photobomb is here and you should be too!

Photobomb #23: The World’s Largest Indoor Photo plus Lots More

A new world record has beeen set in the world of photography. The World’s Largest Indoor Photo is now at 40 Gigapixel’s. Wow. Here we are still dealing with 12 megapixels! Plus tips on starting your own photography business, finding your style as a photographer and getting 100 cameras for the price of 1 iPad. This week at the bomb… the Photobomb that is.

Photobomb #22: Stop Sucking at Photography

Stop sucking at photography! Even better, stop working really hard at photography and still suck at it! Our first resource will help you do that. Plus, using all those old disposable cameras you have, updating your wordpress blog with a sexy new theme, boosting your productivity, pinhole photography inspiration and sheep. Yes… sheep…. baahhhhh. Only here at the Photobomb.