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Category: Photography

Photobomb#7: 10 Great Examples of Photographs Under the Rain

Taking photos under the rain or in bad weather can be really difficult and risky thing to do. Our common reaction when we see its raining we immediately put our cameras away. But little do we know you can turn this downtime into a great opportunity to take really cool and romantic photographs. Just take a moment to observe the raindrops, water reflections, and amazing lighting strikes. You will be surprised at how these small elements can make your compositions more interesting.

Photobomb #6: 10 Cool Websites with Free Lightroom Presets

As photographers and artists we all have creative walls. We all work really hard to improve our skill sets and try to learn new things to go around new problems to make our photographs/artworks look better. Sometimes when we hit this wall we feel so burnt out and we don’t want to work at all. We start to think that our images are looking dull to us and feel as if there is something missing. We usually over complicate problems like this, we then search for some magical trick out of it that will give us the creative approach.

8 Online On The Go Photo Editing Websites

I have collected 8 online photo editing websites that can be useful for simple to advanced editing, from red-eye removal or even complicated layer masking techniques.These photo editing websites can also be your back up just in case you are on a business trip and you don’t have your fancy copy of Photoshop to create and present an idea to a client – or maybe you just need to edit some summer photos to upload to Facebook. Either way, check it out and have fun!

25 Stunning St. Patrick’s Day Photos

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of today we have put together a collection of some fun Saint Patrick’s Day photos from some exceptional photographers. Everyone celebrates different holidays in different ways, but one thing everyone should do is take photos so those fun memories can be captured forever. You never know when you are going to take that perfect photo that you, your family and friends will cherish for a life time.