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Category: Photography

Photobomb #16: Brand Consistency, Selective Colour, and Lots of Macro

How can you integrate your photography brand into your business card? How do you create a panoramic photo? How do you earn money with your photography knowledge? What’s the best photo editing iPhone apps??

Find out and a ton more in this week’s Photobomb!

Photobomb #13: iPhone Apps, Free Album Templates, DIY, & an Exercise Plan

Back again with a grab bag of photography resources, tips, inspiration and overall photobomb goodness! We hooked up your iPhone, your wedding albums, your valentines day and even your old photos that have just been sitting there. Keep shooting with this week’s Photobomb!

Photobomb#12: 10 Good Examples of Photos using Selective Color Technique

Black and White photography can be an amazing way to let the viewer really experience the image. Lighting, shadow, composition and tones all becomes obvious and makes the photo come to life. But instead of just editing your photo to just black and white, try to use the technique called “Selective Coloring Technique” in Photoshop/Lightroom.

Photobomb#10: 10 Free Photography E-Books

Check this out, people! I have collected 10 FREE very cool Photography E-books for you. These books will cover everything that you will need to get started with some serious photography from basic lighting, composition, macro photography, Lightroom tricks and how to capture perfect photos throughout the COLD Holiday Season. I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year filled with prosperity and good health. Enjoy and Keep shooting!

Photobomb#8: 10 Must Have Photography Apps for your Smart Phones

We are currently living in a time of Nano Technology that is rapidly growing. The days of an mp3 player is just an mp3 player, a camera just a camera and a cell phone just a regular phone is long gone. The Smartphone industry is clearly taking over the digital age.