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Can Father’s Day Marketing Really Raise Repeat Business?

The current estimated number of fathers across the nation is 66.3 million.1 Yet, one of the most underappreciated holiday’s is Father’s Day. Now, let’s not compare Dad’s Day sales with Mother’s Day sales. We all know that Mother’s Day takes the bouquet when it comes to gift-giving. Perhaps because the holiday itself has had a full sixty years longer to mature than Father’s Day which wasn’t official until 1972. But using holidays like Father’s Day to market your business gives your customers a reason to buy from you repeatedly.2 “ You are also more likely to generate new sales” and tailoring your products “to a specific holiday can introduce them to a whole new audience.”2

Innovative Dad’s Day Promotion Ideas

  • Coupons. How about providing your customers with coupons they can give to the men in their life who can then redeem at your place of business?
  • Discount for Dad’s who bring the Kids.4 Advertise discounts on Father’s Day for “Dads that bring the kid(s) with them. Use tag lines like "Show Us Your Kids!" "Father’s Day Special – Must Show Proof of Fathership"4 Then make sure you do something on that day to make the kids feel welcome.
  • Interactive learning. Last Father’s Day, Radio Shack added new lessons on their online interactive learning center to help men learn how to select the best tech toys, with titles like “The Ultimate Man Cave.” Products can be purchased online and the free lessons give people an added feature that allow them to feel good about Radio Shack’s brand.
  • Unusual Rewards. Hallmark ran a Dad’s Day campaign a few years ago where the sweepstakes winner won a walk-on television role. Find something unusual you can offer or pair with another company to create an offer than stands out from the competition. Another company ran a “spend X amount and get a free airline ticket.” Note of caution here: Make sure you’re set up to handle high response numbers. They ended up with all sorts of problems when the number of customers soared way above expectation.

Father’s Day Campaign Boot Camp – Design

Keep your product design or service presentation “dad-friendly." 3 Pay attention to color schemes, in products and marketing and go for masculine colors. Non-gender related items are good, too, like the latest tech toys or needed office equipment.

Underappreciated though it may be, like any holiday, Father’s Day presents a great opportunity to help customers see what you have in a new light. And let’s face it, a lot of people have trouble coming up with an idea of what to give for Father’s Day. If you can supply them with a solid promotion and a great price, you have a good shot at raising your Dad Day return on investment. We’d love to hear what you try and how it works.

See our Father’s Day templates here!



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