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Business Cards: Be Unique

As a number of recent studies have shown, the print industry is rebounding from the recession, and small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals should take the time to focus on their promotional strategies.

Especially among entrepreneurs, business cards are one of the most efficient tools for communicating what a professional's values and experience. However, every business card should have what's called a "unique selling proposition," which is essentially a pitch for your product or service and an indication of how it is different than that of your competitors.

It is one thing to say your services are different; however, it is an entirely other thing to show it. Even within the context of a business card, professionals can utilize creative content and unique graphic design techniques to differentiate themselves.

"All of your business materials should establish a recognizable image for your business, so make sure that your business card matches your letterhead and brochures," writes "You may be sick of it, but your prospects aren't. Having a consistent company image makes it that much easier to make an impression."

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